Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Post - NM 2208


Merci (thanks) for visiting my humble little blog for my course NM 2208, Principle of Visual Communication. This is the place you will find all my work of, ahem, art/rubbish.

To start off, the blog is titled based on my favourite city in the world, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Or Quebec's motto to be more exact.

Quebec's Coat of Arms.

If we translate to english, it means " I remember".

According to poet M Tache, Je me souviens, the full significance of which cannot perhaps be readily expressed in English but which may be paraphrased as conveying the meaning " Yes, we remember. We remember the past and its lessons, the past and its misfortune, the past and its glory".

In my humble understanding, it refers to the century struggle for self government for quebecois, and not to forget their roots; france.

Boring history aside, Montreal is the cultural capital of Canada. The city is an art piece with little art pieces dotted around the whole city. There's no such thing as rubbish in Montreal. Its just Art, everywhere

Most people might not have heard of Montreal, but i believe everyone recognise this:

Mobtv, bus ride, silly pranks, remember?

We have to give some credits to the intl jazz, fireworks and firm festivals as well. One of the best I have ever attended:]

Though I may not physically in Montreal now, I dowish to continue drawing my inspirations from this vibrant/arty-farty city. Hope you guys will look forward to my art pieces.

For now,

Au revior!

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