Monday, February 22, 2010

Class Assignment A

Mad posting!!! Here we go!!

Looks like a plain sunglass doesn't it?

Nope, this is more than just a sunglass. It kind of like a revolutionize sunglass that incorporate media player in it. User wearing this pair of glasses will be able to watch video, listen to music with it. The buttons at the frame of the sunglass has a control function, e.g. one long click to play, 2 clicks to skip, 3 clicks for previous etc.

Alt, you may use the remote that comes with it to navigate through your songs and video selection. Furthermore, with this touch pad remote, you are able to do web browsing as well.. Simply use the circular navigation tool as well the the rectangle touch screen(resistive system to hand write alphabet) to key in your favourite website and start browsing.

Sounds like itouch? you got it! that how the whole idea orginated.

Wide screen experience, stereo sound system, as well as shade the sun, this is definitely an up and coming fashion icon

ps: the vector drawing of the lady was a previous preliminary work of mine and huimin for a postcard. It is actually a vector drawing of Audrey Hepburn. Thought adding a lady will give a more complete look with the sunglass.

pss: if you look carefully, you maybe able to spot some dancing figures on the sunglass.

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