Monday, February 22, 2010

Class Assignment B

In the 2nd lecture, Jing taught us how to purposefully critique on a piece of work. Thus.the class assignment is none other than using the 4 criteria to evaluate a design. Here the picture that we were given:

So here's my partner and mine 2 cents worth:

A mug shot of the a blue figurine of Avatar with dense forest as the background; monsterous looking. There is a Mcdonald logo on the right hand side. As for the left, Avatar's logo was spotted, together with the director's name and the words "only in cinema".

Analysis & Interpretation
The blue figurine and the dense forest background with unusual vegetation implies that Avatar is not a typical human race, but more of an alien. Hence, one can conclude that this movie(since it says, shown on cinema) is a science fiction movie.
Furthermore, this appears to be a promotional advertisement between Producer of Avatar and Mcdonald. The main subject will be Avatar, since it is position at the centre and occupies more than half of the poster. The main aim of this poster is not really clear, for it is not really a movie poster per say since the logo is small and lack the credit section. Itis not exactly a Mcdonald product ad as aside from the Logo, none of the design is related to Mcdonald.

Thus, to make things clearer, I have googled "Avatar Mcdonald". As mentioned above, the producer of avatar (FOX) and Mcdonald have this collaboration, to bring Avatar to the restaurants and computer games. Perhaps, it is Fox's strategy to reach out to more audiences. Though i did not manage to find the source of the photo, base on some recollections, this may be the "create your own avatar" programme (create your own avatar that resemble you by manipulating your photo) as the Avatar does not seem to be the original Avatar in the movie.

So, in short, the main aim is to promote avatar and the programme(huge space allocated to it. Secondary aim is to promote the companies(found at the corners) that is involved in this collaboration.

If we are to judge this as a movie poster, it wasn;t very successful in bring forward the true idea of avatar in the poster. Furthermore, the resolution(pixelation) and the colour contrast of this poster, or the lack of resolution and contrast, make this poster unprofessional and unattractive to the eyes of public. With just a small title and the lack of short but powerful description, further hamper the strength and success of this poster. In additional, the design of the avatar was mediocre. It obviously lack symmetry, which is essential to create a"perfect" looking person. However, from the colour of the avatar and the background, audience will be able deduce that this is a science fiction movie.

If we are judging it as a promotional material for "create your own avatar", then clearly, it failed to convey the message that you are able to create your own avatar. The lack of usage of proper words and phrases were the main hurdle of this design; making it a typical example of how a words, or two, can alter the meaning of a work completely. The contrast of the words and logo was bad against the green background, as yellow, green and blue appears to be nex the same spectrum ofcomplementary than contrasting coloyrs. However, as opposed to the earlier critique on avatar, it is acceptable in this case to not explicitly convey the meaning of avatar as this piece of work would have been a follow on from earlier movie poster and we can generally assumed that the general public has a rough idea what avatar is.
Original Posters

Just for the fun of it, these are the original movie posters of Avatar. The tagline is consistent in both poster, promoting the movie based on successful of creator's previous work. Title/Logo Avatar in both posters are shart and clear. "Entrez Dans Le Monde" when translated to english means "enter the world"; splitting image of human and blue figurine show the existence of 2 creatures, porbably living in 2 different world, and we are entering the one that is less commonly known, the blue figurine world. Aside from the second tagline and figure, the background conveys a message of a new world to be explored as well.
The richness of the colour and the great use of contrast and illumination(words and freckles) to bring out the avatar serve its main purpose of attracting attention of the audience.
Hence, comparatively, the 2 posters are better designs as compared to the 1st poster we have crtitique; for it serve the main purpose of a poster, to draw attention and convey message to the audience.

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