Monday, February 22, 2010

Class Assignment C

Mid + low angle shot
Giant Doraemon. The bottom up look and the centralise position of Doraemon give it a commanding look. Furthermore, due to the close proximity of Doraemon as compared to the cupboard creates an enlarge effect on Doraemon.

High angle (top down) and long shot

This angle gives Doraemon a depressed look(sloughing shoulder, no smile). Though focus was on Doraemon, the blue scarf occupied most of the photo, causing audience to extend the focus more on the scarf(background) than the object.

Low angle, long shot
Top of the world. Powerful.

Medium close up, canted
Gives Doraemon a charging look, especially since his fist is raised up and the angle gives it a downward momentum feel. The use of aperture provide more focus on Doraemon as well.

Low angle long shot
Gives Doraemon more of a top of the world, confident feel as compared to medium low angle shot, which gives it a Giant feel.

Close up + eye level
Close up shots allow us to emphasize on the features of the object, thereby draw out a strong emotion from it. Here, we can clearly identify the jubilant in Doramon from the huge smile smap across the face and the cresent eyes. This eye level close up gives a more natural and familiar feeling to object as well; visually pleasing.

If you have taken a closer look at all the photos, most photos are taken on the basis of Rule of Third.

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