Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Assignment 1 - Myself

I just realised all along I saved this post as a draft and it was never posted on my blog! AHHHHH..
Oh well.

After much consideration, I decided to use moon to represent me instead of clouds. For moon better represent who I'm and it is a little trickier in incorporating(hopefully, better grades;])
Here is the first draft on basic shape of the moon. Can you identify my name? Thee is a face to it as well, eyes at H, o shape mouth at E:]

I decided to further explore the design and finally, i decided to use the harvest moon concept again. therefore, creating this:

Hope it will help everyone sees it better in this direction:]

And here is the final submission. It is basically the same as the previous one, except the name is on the moon and not clouds.. Clouds were purposely made to twirl around the cloud as suggested by classmates.

Previous Post

Very first assignment! I will say it is pretty challenging, for it is not just about producing a piece of work, but incorporate yourself inside a supposedly artwork.

So what's the challenge?
- Incorporate your name in an item - fair enough, managable
- that item/artwork has to explain who you are - TOUGH with an OMG!

Yes, the toughest part was to identify who I really am. As all singapo
rean students are trained, you try to list down everything you can possibly think of:
  1. Student
  2. Female
  3. NUS Business School
  4. Finance Major - numbers and money!!!!
  5. moon
  6. stick
  7. photography
  8. piano
  9. food
  10. travel
  11. japanese culture
  12. poutine
  13. shopaholic
  14. deep thinker
  15. impatience
  16. quick
  17. worrisome
  18. nature lover
  19. trekking
  20. kayaking
  21. independent
  22. sucker for romance
  23. day dreaming
  24. O' Canada
  25. how i met your mother - just kidding. awesome show guys. should really go and catch it.

And now, on pencil and paper


Due to the "yue" in my name which refers to moon in mandarin, I have been always been associated with moon by my family and friends. As per usual, I did some research on moon. Here are some of the image that I have come across and attempted to develop.

Love how the surroundings are silhoutte. Possible ideas - using the silhoutte background to form my name.

I really love this moon. However, since its tough to incorporate the alphabets inside, the moon will have to be a secondary design. And I came up with the idea of using clouds to create my name. Check out my first draft.


As you might have guessed, "zhi" represents branches of a tree. This fits the description of me perfectly; someone who is in love with nature as well as a person who strive for the very best to be at the top(the upward growth of branch).


Since i was a kid, I was very attracted to the Japanese culture. Their practices, festivals(Matsuri), fashion and not forgetting their neatly presented foof. My first thought was to create a Manga style design, incorporating many aspects of the japanese culture. Slight modification in consideration of my sketching ability:

Yes, ramen! Aim to give it a manga punch and colour. Perhaps will include some cartoon characters in it as well:]


i love photography as well. Currently a proud nikon owner:]

From there, I kind of developed my first completed for work, for critique:

In this piece of work, my name is form by the clouds in the foreground. The night sky, moon and stars create an image of dream. Deep dream. It kind of represent the side of me that is always in deep thoughts. And I am a sucker for romance as well. Hence the concept of the design.
Of course, the most literal meaning for this design is that the moon represents me, what people always associate me with.

Suggestions given by my peers were
  • Loop/coil the clouds around the moon
  • alt, having the moon blow the name out from the mouth
  • blow the butterfly

And my critique for myself is

  • create more realistic clouds and moon
  • form closer connection between moon and cloud(may use the suggestion given by peers)
  • work on the moon to give it a more 3D feel
  • rid unecessary designs
  • design a pj for the moon:]
Currently, I am still experimenting it. Will update this post again when its done:]

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