Monday, April 12, 2010

Assignment 5 - Infographic

I have been cracking my head over this infographic. Is this infographic going to teach people how to fight climate change? or inform them about the seen effect of climate change?

Anyway, back to ida generation, it was drawn back to the days when i was staying in Canada.People in canada are pretty environmental friendly. We bring our own grocery bags, separate garbages etc, as an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. This 3 R will reduce the carbon and greenhouse gases productions. Talking about rubbish, as most people have lawn and backyard, most people will buy a composter to do composting as well. therefore, it will be fun to educate people in Singapore some of these recycling habits that Canadiens have to help fight climate change.

link to denver's report:

Below is the first draft thati have came up with:

Large fonts were used to attract audience to the figures. The overall colouring of this poster is bright colours,though i do admit its a litle too colourful. for shading, the sun is assumed to be at the top left side of the graphic.

In effort to achieve balance in the graphic, i have points at the both side. However, this makes the whole infographic really clutter. Furthermore, the words used were too many as well.
hence i further reduce to this:

The compost peat was shifted to the right, occuping 2/3 of the space.. the other 1/3 will be the facts and benefit of composting, maintaining the balance of the infographic.. thefacts are delibrately shorten to aid the readers in absorbing the information. Furthermore. I attempted to highlight the facts by introducing leaves in the backgorund. However, it does not seem to work as the leaves took the attention away from the text. adjusting the colour will make not much different to it as well. Hence, i replaced it with circles again:

The use of yellow colour for circle complement the compost peat and speaks to the background, thus helping text to stand out without feeling out of picture. Shorteningof fact also allow increase in font size for greater readiblity.

The title "COMPOSTING" were created using illustrator. worm was chosen as it is the most important element in composting.


Rebecca Tuck said...

This is the best poster I have found on the internet explaining compost! Please can I use it for my community garden?

Theresa Mayfield said...

I am doing a collage about composting. May I use your poster for my school project?

Claire Preston said...

This is such a great poster- can I use it for my school's composting program?