Monday, April 12, 2010

Assignment 4 - Colour Coalition:]

For this exercise, my inspiration was drawn from the above to diagram. The fish like feature is the konobori. Konobori is the "kite" that kids will fly at the door on the japanese children day (Kodomo no hi)
The target audience will be youth/kids and this postcard will be catered for the japanese schools in singapore, to promote this huge event.

After hearing about the inspiration by a girl, who used repeated patterns on postcard, I tried to incorporate simple shapes and repeated patterns to design this postcard. The clouds in the sky were circles with varying gaps.The body of the was created using circles too:] In fact, this whole assignment is full of circles:]
For colour usage, I tried to go for speaking or shouting colours as there is a need to separate the fish from the background. The outer ring of the eye is kept constantly as yellow.Below are some of the colour exploration.

The most difficult part will be coordinating the fish. They have to be speaking colour while they have to shouting/speaking colour to the background.

So below is my first prototype.

Jing mentioned that the black does not stand out from the blue.. Hence, further exploration:

This is my final submission. I like it because it achieve both speaking and shouting colours. the use of dark and light colours further help the fish stand out as were. The final font was changed as some of the classmate commented the previous font was too generic:]

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